TRG is small private fit club and personal training studio. The "exclusive" membership and client concept reflects a capacity based limit.  This concept allows us to provide our customers with the attention and assistance he/she needs to ensure that time spent in the fitness studio is conducive to the individual's end goal. 
Our mission is to guide our clients through their fitness journey with purpose and intent while leaving them with the skills that are necessary for maintaining a fit life. 

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TRG boasts an intimate and exclusive environment that completely eliminates gym intimidation.  Top of the line personal training is at the center of what we offer.  Our online and in-person training programs give customers access to the flexibility, accountability, and programming they need to reach their goals. We cater to the client who is focused on straight-forward results and in need of direction and guidance to attain them.  TRG encourages and requires a commitment from each client.  We are able to build a training package for almost any budget with flexible payment options. 

TRG SOLO is a membership made for the fitness enthusiast.  We reiterate that TRG is a personal training based fit club that assists in workout design, implementation, and provides direction to its members to help them meet their respective fitness goals.  However, we understand that even the most experienced gym goer can appreciate the exclusivity of the environment in which TRG provides.  For $25 monthly, SOLO members are free to come in and do their own thing during fit club hours.  We won't bother you unless you want us to!

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'This is a great family gym.  It's incredibly clean with an all positive atmosphere.  The trainers are the best that I've ever worked with!

-Jay Hendricks 

Bryce, at TRG, is a great trainer.  I absolutely love working with him. My workouts are always full of challenges and new techniques.  Overall it's just a great establishment. 

-M. Johnson 

I love the professionalism, warmth, and personal attention. COVID has brought about many adjustments.   However, I was never overly concerned with the level of care and standards always implemented.
-Roshaunta L.

Farrah is amazing!  I've been training with Farrah for over two years and it has been an awesome journey.  I was so excited when I hit my ultimate goal that I vowed never to leave her. LOL! I guarantee that if you tick with her , you'll definitely see results. 

-Yolonda W

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