How It Works

At TRG fit club, top of the line personal training is at the center of what we offer. Our memberships give customers access to the flexibility, accountability, and programming they need to reach their goals.   TRG boasts an intimate and exclusive environment that completely eliminates any gym intimidation.  We cater to the client who is focused on straight-forward results and in need of direction and guidance to attain them.   The programming we provide for members is written with the same intent and care given to our one on one personal training clients.  The biggest difference is that it isn’t customized.   Here’s how each membership works:

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TEAM TRG -Members of Team TRG have digital access to science-driven personal training programming that includes five weekly workouts targeted towards delivering results.  We highly recommend that members complete the outlined performance inside the club, but it is not required.  The beauty of Team TRG is that your programming goes wherever you go, so there’s no need for our busy executives and/or baseball moms to miss a workout.   Some minor modifications can and will be made for clients while inside the club, but if a higher extent of modification is needed,  we will suggest private personal training for you.

TRG STUDIO –  TRG Studio workouts consist of a daily challenge posted on the board inside the club for members to complete.  Once again, the performance is based on science-driven fundamentals of great personal training programming, but each workout targets the full body.  Unlike Team TRG, there are no splits or muscle group isolations and performance is only accessible within the club.  As with Team TRG, some modifications can be made for you while inside the club and there’s always someone present to help you perfect your form and properly make weight selections and progressions.

TRG SOLO – This membership is intended for the experienced fitness enthusiast who enjoys a private setting and more laid back environment to perform.  Solo membership is only encouraged if you are familiar with designing and implementing a regular workout regimen for your own personal fitness goals. No direct exercise guidance is provided by the TRG team, but we are absolutely available to answer any fitness questions you may have.

*We encourage members to visit the club during fit club hours at least three times per week, but you are not committed to a particular schedule.  You simply check-in during the times that work for your schedule, but trust that we’ll be looking for you!  We want to see each of our members succeed and keep their results. 

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