Q. Do I have to have a membership to exercise at the club?

A. Yes, the club is only accessible to TRG members and personal training clients, but you may access the club as a guest for $10 per day.

Q. How much does a membership cost?

A. There are two types of memberships available to non-personal training clients.  The links are available for each membership on the menu tab or at the home page to get pricing and details on each.

Q.  Is a membership consultation required?

A.  A membership consultation is not required, but it is recommended if you have questions regarding the memberships or are unsure of your fitness needs.

Q.  What time are your classes held?

A.  TRG Fit Club is based on personal training programming, and we do not currently host “classes”.  Dependent upon which membership you choose,  your workouts will be viewed on your mobile device and/or posted in the club where you will also perform your workout.  You may visit the club at any time during business hours to complete your workout.  Visit the membership option links below for more details on how each works. 

Q. Will I be locked into my membership for a certain amount of time?

A.  As stated before,  TRG memberships are based on trainer style programming.  Therefore, we offer a memberships at a six-month minimum in order for the client/member to get the maximum benefit from the programming.  The six months will be billed monthly,  but may be paid all at once as well.